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Why DataExtractor?
Crawl Websites In a Click

Scrape data from your favorite websites using custom filters. Get the extracted data in multiple formats CSV, XLS, and many more.

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Web Data Extraction Made Easy and Quick

Complex or non-complex, DataExtractor works with every kind of website under the sun.

Say goodbye to writing complex crawlers and encountering code-related roadblocks.

Let DataExtractor do the heavy lifting for you! 

DataExtractor Features

We are currently working on some more features for DataExtractor’s Chrome Extension. 

Choose Your Schema

A schema contains the set of data points. Select an existing schema from a collection or create your own schema.

One-Click Extraction

A single click gets you the data in a CSV or Excel file. For multiple URLs, you can create a collection to run the job.

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Custom Scraper

Create custom extraction schemas to get the data from any website. You can also contact us for custom web scraping services.

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Schedule Jobs

A job contains a collection and the schemas. You can run a job instantly or schedule it as required. Hourly, daily, and weekly schedules are supported.

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Email Extractor

Our generic email schema can run on any webpage to extract all of the available emails. Use it to generate leads from Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Dedicated Free Support

You can always contact us for support-related queries. Data customization is also available on request.


We Provide Data Solutions

Use our data solutions to help your business grow further. We offer various services 

We offer a fully manageable web scraping service to extract the data of your choice. The data shall be delivered according to your needs.

Track the prices of products on your favorite shopping websites. Take your competitor analysis strategy to the next level.

Extract emails, phone numbers, and other information from the social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Learn how to crush your competition. Use the data to analyze what is missing and achieve better results.

Fully Manageable Web Scraping Service

Step 1: Submit Your Requirements

Send us your requirements. Make sure to include the following details: websites to crawl, fields to be extracted, and the frequency of web scrapping.

Step 2: Get Sample Data

Once your requirements are in, we will set up and run the web scraper to extract sample data. See if it meets your expectations.

Step 3: Confirm The Crawler

If the sample data satisfies your requirements, we will setup the scraper and run the job.

Step 4: Access The Data

For a one-time job you can download the data in CSV or xml format. For daily or weekly extractions, the data can be accessed from a dashboard.

Do you find data scraping difficult? We are here to help you.

Real-time Extraction


Check out the latest data extraction techniques for various websites.