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Facebook Scraper

User profiles, comments, likes, groups...The easiest way to get your hands on Facebook data.

We provide the Facebook Scraper service — available with the DataExtractor extension — for free for the first 500 rows. We  also offer custom extraction solutions to obtain complex data from Facebook groups, pages, and profiles.

Facebook Data Extractor

Web scraping lets you collect the required data and export it in a format that is useful for businesses. Facebook is a gigantic store of data and useful information like email ids, public phone numbers, interest groups, and much more. However, manually extracting this information can be a tedious, time-consuming, and mundane task.
The answer is Facebook Data Extractor. The tool is available as an online service, a web extension, and as a software application. Select whatever suits you the best and get your Facebook scraping done! 

Visit: Google Maps Data Extractor

Facebook Scraper

The Facebook scraper is a service presented by a data extractor. This you can enable to extract the data from any given page, group, a profile on Facebook.  To summarize, the data extractor brought to you by us enables a user to scrape through websites and social media pages. Also, this extension scraps for email IDs, phone numbers, and analyzes posts for comments, likes, connection, and contacts. The extraction works and exports without any risk.F

Download Sample Data

Want to know what all can you scrape from Facebook?

Download our ‘sample data’. The data is split into multiple sections to give you a clear idea about the different fields (data points) that can be extracted from Facebook.

It’s decided that we can only extract the visible data from Facebook. Extracting Emails or Phone numbers can be quite challenging but with the right sources it can be done

Facebook Scraper Is The Gateway To Data That Matters

Web scraping allows businesses to extract data of potential clients and use it for sales and marketing purposes. Likewise, the scrapers from DataExtractor lets you extract email addresses, phone numbers, likes, comments, and much more from various social media platforms.

Comments Extractor

Facebook Email extraction is the most requested service. The scraper gets the email addresses through comments, groups, and user profiles.

User Profile Details

Keep track of your followers and group members by exporting user profiles in a structured format.

Group or Page Extraction

Group and page admins may require additional tools to run the things and we can automate the process with Data Extractor

Customized Data from Facebook

Do you have additional requirements? Quote them below and we will provide you a custom solution for your data needs..

Fully Manageable Facebook Scraper

Step 1: Submit your Requirements

Send us your requirements which include the following items: fields to be extracted from Facebook and the frequency of the scraper.

Step 2: Get Sample Data

Based on your requirements, we will share some sample data. Check and confirm if the Facebook scraper meets your expectations.

Step 3: Confirm the Crawlers

Once your verify the sample data, we will configure the Facebook scraper and run the job.

Step 4: Access the Data

For a one-time job, you can directly download the data. For daily or weekly extractions, the data can be accessed from a dashboard.

Want to extract data from Facebook? We are here to help you.

Facebook Group Extractor

Facebook Scraper” is a schema in our chrome extension, it scraps data faster from Facebook with one click. It extracts all the important data such as First name, last name, email, phone number, gender, work and education, birth dates, languages known to the user, source links, interest groups, and religion. “Facebook group extractor” will act as another schema from us that can help you extract data on the web and generate business leads. Consequently, Facebook group extractor scrapes Facebook profiles, information, and names from group members. Additionally, it can extract only the email addresses, first name and last name of the group members available publicly. Similarly, the scraper extracts only 10,000 members per facebook group because Facebook displays only 10,000 members and the scraper shows the recent 10,000 group members’ information. Finally, all the scraped data restored in an excel or spreadsheet proves to be ready-to-use data.

User Details, URL, Email, And Phone Number

Install our extension to extract user details, URL, email, and phone number from a Facebook profile or page. Follow the steps given below.

  • Install and open the Chrome extension
  • Select the Facebook page, group, profile, or post.
  • Data Extractor will detect the possible fields to scrape.
  • The schemas will appear accordingly.
  • Apply any of the displayed schemas to extract the data.
  • As soon as you apply a schema, a window shall appear and show the extracted data from the Facebook webpage.
  • Click on the ‘Export Data’ button.
  • Finally, click on the download option to get the data either in CSV or Excel format.