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Tutorials, Documentation, And Enquiries

Detailed step-by-step guide for starters. Whether you are into e-commerce or any other segment, we have got you covered.

A comprehensive solution for your data extraction needs. Use the documentation to understand how our jobs and schemas work.

Get customized help for schema creation and more. Our experts will solve your problems and assist you with all sorts of doubts.

Is data extraction bothering you? Not satisfied with the results? Our team will ensure your troubles are taken care of.

1:1 Sessions And Group Training

Drop us an Email with what you would like to learn. Then we will contact you in 1-2 days to schedule time.


$49/per hour
Complete 1:1 Help
Use existing Schemas or Create a new one
How to run and Schedule the Job
Next page navigation and automation of Job


$99/per hour
All basic features and Group Training
Multi-level detail page scraping
Autofill forms and Download Images
Write Basic Javascript enabled scrping


$49/per hour
1:1 Instructor-Led Training and Support
Create Schemas from Scratch
Run, Schedule, and Automate Jobs
Next Page Navigation


$99/per hour
All Basic Features wtih Group Training
Multi-Level Detail Page Scraping
Auto-Fill Forms and Download Images
Write JavaScript-Powered Scripts

Send us an email with what you would like to learn. We will contact you in 1-2 business days and schedule an appropriate time slot.

Video Tutorials For Self-Training

We are launching a series of tutorials on data extraction across multiple websites and categories. Stay tuned for further updates.