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Lead Generation Service By DataExtractor

Lead Generation and Conversion is an Art. DataExtractor Helps you Master this Skill.

Decoding Competition

You need to keep track of what your competitors do. Knowing your competitor’s strategies will help you understand market trends, secure new leads, and a lot more. Watch your business reap benefits in turn. DataExtractor allows you to crawl websites, collect data, and improve your existing strategies.

The team at DataExtractor provides a tried-and-tested lead generation service that allows your business to grow leaps and bounds. We can create automated data extraction pipelines to fulfill your lead generation requirements.

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Social Media Events

Events are a major source of finding leads. And social media platforms remain jam-packed with a variety of events. Whether it’s a major or minor function, announcements are bound to be made on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Scraping data from these websites will garner plenty of leads. And that means potential clients and new business opportunities.

DataExtractor supports automated lead generation. Get your hands on the latest data from the social media channels. Curate a massive repository of  ongoing and future events to take lead generation to new heights.

Focus On What Matters

 Gaining possible leads is hard without keyword and location targeting.

Widely used in Search Engine Optimization, keywords help in ranking on search engines. And people are attracted to businesses that rank high. When people search for keywords, your content shows up. If your content appears at the top, you will never find it difficult to secure leads.  

Generating leads from websites can be challenging and tiresome. Our team of experts have risen up to such challenges and aced them. Just tell us about the data you require, and we will have it extracted and delivered to you in a clean, structured manner.

DataExtractor Makes You Data-Rich

Data extraction can be tricky. And time consuming. Our team at DataExtractor has successfully delivered several data extraction projects. We will get you structured data from your favorite websites in the format you want. We also have you covered with dedicated technical support. You only focus on what’s important for you while we take care of the rest.

Social Media Channels

Social Media is a gold mine for leads. Swathes of people actively engage in groups, pages, and communities. With DataExtractor, these individials are now in your reach.

Generate Sales Database

DataExtractor can help you generate a database for sales. For example, we can help you traverse LinkedIn and build a gargantuan database of professionals you may target for your business.

Accessible Data

Get access to reliable, structured data that can be stored in multiple formats. Use a customizable dashboard to manage and modify the extracted data.

Custom Solutions

We work with a client-centric approach at Data Extractor. Our solutions can be configured according to your objectives. You will get access to an all-purpose, custom dashboard.

Fully Manageable Lead Generation Service

Step 1: Submit your Requirements

Send us your requirements. Do include the following items: websites to be crawled, data fields to be extracted, and the frequency of the web scraper.

Step 2: Get Sample Data

Based on your requirements, we will share some sample data. Check and confirm if the web scraper meets your expectations.

Step 3: Confirm the Crawlers

Once the sample data has been verified, we will configure the web scraper and run the job.

Step 4: Access the Data

For a one-time job, you can directly download the data. For daily or weekly extractions, the data can be accessed from a dashboard.

We undertake all sorts of data extraction projects.
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