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Social Media Data

Looking for a fully manageable web scraping service?

With the help of DataExtractor, you can scrape your competitor’s followers. This will not only bring you more leads but it will also acquire an audience for your next campaign. Now it is easier to keep up with market trends and to understand your audience.

Our team of Data Experts will extract millions of data sources every day and transform this into a structured data as per the given data points. We can automate the whole manual work by using our service

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Progress with Machine Learning

Use web scraping to train Artificial Intelligence for collecting data in bulk. curate data like image recognition, visual text, etc. It is feasible and efficient as the process is automatic and requires no human involvement. Get clean, structured data from the depths of any website.

Our solution can help you solve these problems. It will keep you updated with your competitor pricing strategy, ad campaigns and targeted keywords. So you can replicate the same method or bid more money to get the potential customers to your business. 

Focus on What is Important

Planning to Extract the Data Quickly?

Copy the URL and paste in the DataExtractor Dashboard. Our AI driven tool will automatically detect and share the available Schemas with you.

Now you can select the Schema of your choice or you will get an option to edit the data points in that Schema. Simply drag and drop your required fields to extract the data. You can also schedule the job

As your DataExtractor, Here are our solutions

We are here to fulfill all of your Data requirements. This will help you save time and resources. Our dedicated extraction team will make sure to send the data as per your needs and we will solve any technical errors. So you can get to focus on what’s important for you

Social Media Monitoring

DataExtractor's goal is to extract and analyze data for monitoring posts, trends & content; to analyze reviews and feedback and to create an audience for ad campaigns.

Price Comparison

Monitor and compare prices of different products. Trust the DataExtractor team to fetch your competitor's prices, match your products with right prices and guide you to gain more profits.

Accessible Data

Get the most reliable, affordable, structured data which can be saved in multiple formats such as Excel spreadsheet, CSV and JSON.

Custom Solutions

At Data Extractor we work with the client centric approach. This means all of the solutions will be tailored as per your requirements. The same will be implemented and accessible on your dashboard

Fully Manageable Web Scraping Service

Step 1: Submit your Requirements

Send us your requirements which includes the following things. Sites to crawl, field to be extracted and the frequency of web scraper

Step 2: Get Sample Data

Based on your requirements we will set up and run the web scraper to extract the sample data. Check and confirm the sample data

Step 3: Confirm the Crawlers

If the sample data matches your needs then we will setup the scraper and run the job.

Step 4: Access the Data

For one time job you can directly download the data. For daily or weekly extraction, data can be accessible from the dashboard.

Looking to extract the data? We are here to help you.

Web Scraping Service FAQ's

 Web Scraping is the process of extracting structured data from any website.

Yes, it is completely legal. Every website provides a robots.txt file, mentioning details of all the pages that a scraper can crawl. However, crawling beyond these pages is illegal as certain websites doesn’t want some sensitive data to be crawled. We strictly follow robots.txt guidelines and do not allow crawling of pages that are not permitted to crawl by respective website.

Yes, data extractor can download images and files. You can either directly download a zip folder of these files/images from dashboard or choose to upload them to external data sources like AWS S3

Web crawling is followed by search engines to index pages and to provide search functionality. Web crawlers are expected to be dumb and do not care about the contents of the page. On the other hand, web scrapers are one step above web crawlers. They’re used to extract structured data from web pages and thus involve certain rules to extract data. These rules are different for each website as these rules depend on various factors like website layout, data points present in the specific page etc..

DataExtractor is a AI driven web scraper. In general, the rules for the webscrapers are written manually for each website. Maintaining these rules becomes a very tedious task and often leads to data inconsistency or data loss. DataExtractor is a smart tool that uses Machine learning to automatically generate these rules without any manual intervention. This makes DataExtractor a super efficient and universal web scraper with a minimal to no data inconsistency or data loss issues.

Yes and No. Yes, you can crawl data from these websites but the scope of the data is limited to publicly available information. Contact us to understand the limitations of scraping social media, we’ll try understand your data requirement and help you with the possible solutions around this. This is completely free of cost

Please visit our solutions page to get an idea on some of problems that web scraping through dataextractor can solve. However, the use cases of web scraping are fairly high and chances are that your company can hugely benefit through web scraping and you just don’t know it yet. Please Contact us and give a brief overview of your business model and our technical and product team will help you out on how you can use web scraping to benefit your company. This is completely free of cost

For more related questions about DataExtractor visit out FAQ page

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