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Zillow Scraper

Scrape data related to housing, real estate, and neighborhoods from Zillow.

Zillow Scraper service, an offering of DataExtractor, lets you extract Zillow data from various locations in the United States. We also provide a custom scraping solutions for your data requirements. Fill in the form and we will get back to you.

Zillow Web Scraper

If extracting data from Zillow is something you seek, Zillow Web Scraper will get the job done for you. Zillow offers real-time updates on rental homes and houses for sale. The scraper retrieves listing details such as the address, name, type of home, features, latitude and longitude, pricing, and information about the listing provider. 

Visit: Google Maps Data Extractor

Zillow Housing Data

Why would one need housing data? You may be searching for a new abode in the United States. Or that machine learning model of yours needs a huge dataset to yield results. The sample dataset given below is a preview of what all can be extracted using Zillow Scraper. We can also create a custom crawler as per your needs. 

Download Zillow Data Set

Want to know what all you can extract from Zillow?

Download the Zillow data set to get an idea. This sample data set has 500 rows of data for random localities and listings. 

Note: Web scraping works only for the fields visible on the website. The same logic applies to Zillow’s website. We extract what is visible.

Zillow Scraper Fetches Data That Matters

Web scraping has proven to be a game changer for businesses. The extracted data can be used for lead conversion, sales, marketing, and several other purposes. Zillow Scraper gets you listings (and the information they come with) from Zillow.

House Price Data

Take the right pricing call before you purchase your dream home. Or observe the purchase patterns in your area.

Neighborhood data

The data extracted from Zillow Scraper allows you to analyze the latest trends in real estate and perform market research.


The scraped listings are served in a well-defined format. You can either request for a CSV file or an Excel file.

Personal Information

From phone numbers to addresses, Zillow Scraper covers it all.

Fully Manageable Zillow Scraper

Step 1: Submit your Requirements

Send us your requirements which include the following items: Fields to extract from Zillow and Frequency of the scraper.

Step 2: Get Sample Data

Based on your requirements, we will share some sample data. Check and confirm if the Zillow Scraper meets your expectations.

Step 3: Confirm the Crawlers

Once the sample data has been verified, we will configure Zillow Scraper and run the job.

Step 4: Access the Data

For a one-time job, you can directly download the data. For daily or weekly extractions, the data can be accessed from a dashboard.

Want to extract data from Zillow? We can help.

Zillow Data Extractor

Zillow scraper is a schema in our Data Extractor tool. As mentioned, we provide all the above data points. In case if you have any custom fields then make sure to mention them in your request. We try our best to provide the same to you.